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Providing the best care to our clients at all times is our priority and in order to ensure this is what we deliver both now and in the future we have recently reviewed our methods for providing care for your pet Out Of Hours. After very careful consideration, we have decided to partner with Abington Park Vets, who specialise in providing dedicated out of hours care at nights and weekends.

As you will be aware at present all our Out of Hours emergency cover has been our own vets and nurse, here at the practice on an “on call” basis. This solution has allowed us to ensure that you, our clients, receive a consistently high standard of care at all times from our own team. However, providing on call means that our veterinary surgeons can easily work over 70 hours a week. I am sure you will appreciate if a vet has to deal with a middle-of-the-night emergency it may impact on their ability to provide you with the best care during the day due to lack of sleep. We believe that working with Abington Park will allow us to raise the quality of service that we provide to you and your pet.

The Abington Park clinic is fully staffed by vets and nurses who only work Out of Hours and therefore they are fresh and ready to deal with emergencies at night, weekends or on public holidays. 

Using the service is easy. If you require Out of Hours assistance simply do the same as you are doing now. Call us on 01536 648800 and listen to the message which will give you the emergency contact number. Alternatively call 01604 628685 directly. When you call Abingotn Park one of their experienced call handlers will listen and reassure, and if it is deemed that your pet needs to be seen, you will be directed to the clinic where their emergency team will be waiting to help.

Abington Park will begin providing our Out of Hours cover on 15th April 2019


Your local friendly vets, putting pets and their owners at the heart of our practice.

Our aim is to provide a high standard of first opinion preventative health care and advice.

The surgery is located in Corby and has been extensively refurbished to the highest standard to provide a welcoming environment for you and your pet.

We provide a full range of clinical services to keep your pet happy and healthy.

2A Harrogate Court, Corby, Northamptonshire
Corby Vets for kittens and puppies!

Welcome to Corby Vets

A very warm welcome to you from the team at Corby Vets. Corby Veterinary Surgery was established in early 2015 and is part of a small group on indpendent practices based within the Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshire area. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of quality care to your pets and look forward to seeing you soon. 

The Team at Corby Vets 


At our practice we aim to look after all your pets needs no matter how small and our aim is to provide a high level of clinical care in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We offer first opinion care for all your pets health concerns, as well as preventative care such as healthchecks and vaccinations.


The opportunity to budget monthly for your pets' health! 

Our practice membership scheme provides pet owners with the support they need to help their pets stay fit and healthy. 

A pet health plan is not insurance. It covers regular treatments your pet need throughout life, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks. 

The cost of maintaining the general health of your pets is distributed throughout the year by making monthly Direct Debit payments- it couldn't be simpler. 

Whilst speading the cost of routine treatments, all members then qualify for additional discounts on other items in the practice. 

Our Partners

Our Partners

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