Price List

Consultation £ 30

Microchip £10.80

First steps Puppy and Kitten Packs Just £49!
This includes all your new pets first vaccination course, a microchip and the first flea and worm treatment. Saving you up to 40%!

Vaccinations: These prices all include a health check with the vet

Dog Yearly Booster £ 32.50

Kennel Cough Vaccine £ 30.50 or £12.50 if given at the same time as yearly booster

Adult dog restart vaccinations £ 51

Cat Yearly Booster £ 39.50

Adult cat restart vaccinations £ 68

Rabbit Myxomatosis/ VHD1 £ 30

Rabbit Filavac VHD2  £25


Cat castrate £ 34

Cat Spey £65

Dog Castrate ( up to 15kg)  £135

Dog Castrate ( 15 – 30kg)   £140

Dog Castrate ( 30 – 45kg)   £150

Dog Castrate ( 45 kg +)       £160

Bitch Spey ( up to 15kg)  £185

Bitch Spey ( 15 – 30kg)   £190

Bitch Spey ( 30 – 45kg)   £200

Bitch Spey ( 45kg +)        £220

Rabbit Castrate   £50

Rabbit Spey        £75

All prices include: General anaesthetic and surgery, pain relief to go home with, buster collar, post-operative checks and stitches out.


Friendly Staff

You will be greeted by friendly and approachable staff and served in a timely manner.

Passionate About Pets

We are passionate about treating you and your pet as an individual and working together as a team for their health and wellbeing, we will treat your pet as if it were our own.

Fully Trained Staff

You will only ever be seen by fully trained and qualified vets and nurses using the most suitable equipment and medicines available.

Listening, Understanding

We will always listen to you to understand the nature of your concerns and explain all the treatment options available to you.

Transparent About Costs

We will endevour to discuss any costs with you before they arise.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care and service through investment in our staff, diagnostic equipment and facilities whilst offering convenient local veterinary care.

Talk to Us, We're Listening

We will reguarly seek your feedback and try to improve our service to you.

We are Easily Accessible

We are located to the west of Corby Centre and are easily accessible, with an onsite car park. We are in the building that was formerly the Greenhill Rise Medical Centre.

Is a Home Visit Needed?

We are happy to attend your pet at home however, with some illnesses, diagnosis and treatment is best carried out using the facilities and expertise at the Surgery. Ask us about this option.

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